SBE Ad Space

$20.00 a month will get the basics of what we have to offer. It's a great place to start. That's only 65 cents a day to advertise your business! NOTE: All ad purchases are billed annually.

If you're just starting out in business or you can only budget a small amount for marketing then this

offering is great for you at 65 cents a day. You get features like customer comments, no fee ad 

switching, social media linking, customer rating, email a friend and discounts on all of our offline

networking and business fuctions. But don't forget you also get access to benefits offered by other 

companies and non-profits decicated to helping you grow your business, with many services free or at

deeply discounted prices, all in one place built for you to succeed.

$20.00 a month
Social media site(s) ad linking   Yes
Customer comments & reviews Yes
No ad switching fees ever Yes
Rating and customer reviews  Yes
Email a friend Yes
E-Business Card Yes
Online Capabilities Statement Yes
Ad tracking Yes
Prospect for new business and joint ventures  Yes
Access to industry professional led resource forums Yes
Offline discounts on networking events Yes